Miami Fever.

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Please tell us about your capital project management experience in chemical plants.

Field Service Incentive Plan offered.
Drafters will check drawings , MUST be proficient with using AutoCad and
have experience with SolidWorks.
You will execute large and complex technical projects, including
supervision of project staff and report preparation. Monitors critical
HVAC and mechanical equipment points, utility meters, and energy
monitoring systems. Do you have experience in thermoforming?
A specialty chemical manufacturer needs a Project Engineer with
instrumentation and controls experience.
Initiates action plans for problem resolution.
Salary benefits, bonus, and relocation are commensurate with experience
Describe Please describe your knowledge of the Greater Seattle area and
Key Leaders in the industry.

Cool bike!

Cool bike!, originally uploaded by FANLESS.

Multimedia message

Multimedia message, originally uploaded by FANLESS.


Greetz!, originally uploaded by FANLESS.

From the Raleigh Penthouse!

Come over!

Come over!, originally uploaded by brandonbeightol.

We can get all hopped up on your energy drinks.

Even better!

Even better!, originally uploaded by brandonbeightol.

Wow I wonder how may calories this is!

Here is your present!

Here is your present!, originally uploaded by brandonbeightol.

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear
Fanless, happy birthday to you (14 days ago). Look there is 33
monsters in 33, the red bulls are for extra good luck! And a gigantic
monster can you can put some ice in or use it as a trash can. This
would have been a lot cooler if you didn’t already get a bunch of
energy drinks, but can you ever have too many?

The beach.

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My feet are wet.


Trees, originally uploaded by FANLESS.

At Publix!

Tknxgiving dinner

Tknxgiving dinner, originally uploaded by FANLESS.

11th St Diner


Energy, originally uploaded by brandonbeightol.

Wouldn’t this be a nice birthday present?


Dancing time!

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