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Thor Display

IMG00155.jpg, originally uploaded by beightol.

We are done! Bring on the dealers.

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Me and my wife’s boyfriend just hangin’. What a goofy guy!

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End of day one! Time for a beer.

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Let the construction begin.

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I’m not sure if this is apparent or not, but I am pretty much a James Stewart SuperFan #1.
And… I really love whips!
So what happens when you combine the two? LIQUID EXPLOSION IN MY PANTS!


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That Bubba guy is kind of good on them dirtbikes.
Trying to figure out how a person can land a whip that ginormous makes my brain itch.

You know, James might be able to do awesome jumps, but can he do awesome skids on a 50??
50 Skid

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I bet not!

more Dew Action Sports Tour pictures!


Dew Action Sports Tour in Orlando

This is Myles Richmond. Can you tell that I am very much into the sequence thing? If I had a better/newer camera I could have added a couple more shots to this. Like him taking off and landing. Oh, and in case you can’t tell, he’s actually traveling from right to left!

This is Robbie Maddison. This isn’t really a sequence deal, but neither of these picture were all that great on their own. I really liked that he was looking right at me so I stuck them together. Plus, I just really like whips!

Drake McElroy

This is Drake McElroy at the last round of the 2006 Dew Action Sports Tour in Orlando Fl.
Drake can do tricks on a motorcycle.
You can email Drake by clicking on this word here.

He is designing a new site for you.

Be patient.

Drunky Bear at the Dew Tour!

I was too lazy/over it (I spent about 90 minutes making these!) to find/create a solution for the skips.

Don’t call us… We’ll call you!

I guess I didn’t win. =(

Harlem Motocross

Harlem Motocross 02, originally uploaded by harlemfur.

Hmmm… Looks like a Kawasaki… Looks like it has a #7 on it… Skin looks a little darker than mine… MUST BE JAMES STEWART zOMGz!1!!
Check out the rest of the set! (and no, these are not my pics. And it’s not really Bubba!) Related.

Oh, also somewhat related… Here are some sweet pics of James Stewart from this past weekend’s race in Southwick MA. (again, not my pictures)

(This is my current desktop picture. I love this gear so much!!)

I am currently watching Skyscraper on one of the Showtime derivatives. Can I just say this has got to be the most horrendous movies I have seen in… Maybe ever? About the only saving grace is that I tuned in just in time to see Anna Nicole Smith’s boobs/shower/sex scene!

A few days ago I installed Windows Vista Beta 2 on my eMachine. It’s actually a lot better/nicer/whatever than I was expecting it to be. I actually like it! My display is a little too small (only 15″ – 1024×768 and $1100 in 1999!) for me to be content. It makes using the computer a little annoying, no matter what OS I’m using. The HD I’m using is only 5200 RPM, so that’s not helping things either.
Oh, hay! I’m hearing fireworks outside!! I’m gonna go check that out now.

Don’t Fight The Feelin’


I will be at plan to be at Lucky Strike tomorrow night from 9 PM until ??? for Chad’s birthday party. This will be a prime opportunity for you to find me, get me drnk, and attempt to steal my virginity. (ladies only!) I don’t plan on doing any actual bowling… The last time I went bowling I got p0wnt!1! I’ll just be there looking awesome, as usual.

Also, I have been advised that my picture is on page 128 of the June 2006 issue of Dirt Bike magazine! (oh hay if you accidentally go to you might be in for a surprise!) If you get your grubby fat little hands on that issue, you can enjoy more Where’s Waldo super mega ultra good fun times! H00RAY!!

Lastly, who wants to go to this wakeboarding comp with me? I’m not too keen on paying $25+ to see guys that aren’t exactly my favorites… Especially after seeing my favorite riders at Mill Pond for free! It’s something to do, I guess. I just need to find someone to do it with.

must see TV!

May 04, 2006

Metzger’s Jump to Air Live on ESPN and ESPN HD Tonight
– press release –

Tune in Tonight and Witness History!

Mike “The Godfather” Metzger to Attempt World Record Backflip
Over the Fountains at Caesar’s Palace!

“The Impossible Jump – Presented by Mission Impossible 111” – Live on ESPN and ESPN HD

Tonight, May 4, 2006

8:30 Eastern/5:30 Pacific