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Watch Travis’ Record-Breaking Double Backflip here!
Saw “199 Lives: The Travis Pastrana Story” with Fanless last night. Holy crap! His poor mom (Travis’, not Fanless’)!!

Watch 199 Lives trailer here.

Twenty-three years of setting and breaking records – and breaking and setting bones – have not stopped this kid from pursuing the rush of adrenaline and the thrill of taking risks. List of injuries to date (per the movie):

– Dislocated shoulder 3 times
– 60+ broken bones
– 4+ broken tibia
– Dislocated spine (luckily, only once… so far)
– 25+ (that’s OVER 25!) concussions

And that’s just what I remember off the top of my head!

I have to say I really, REALLY like the fact that Travis is kind of a dork. He’s a goofy, clean-cut kid (no tats, no piercings, nothing like that), loves his mom, respects his dad, is the apple of grandma’s eye. He’s a humble, unassuming boy. And yet, he is called the “Evel Knievel for a new generation.” And if you’re thinking “he’s an idiot for risking his life so much”, you’d be wrong. He claims that every risk he takes is calculated. And my favorite quote from him?

“If for some reason I don’t make it to the bottom… I died happy.” (Just before jumping into the Grand Canyon with a parachute strapped to his back.)

Now if only I wasn’t such a punkass, chicken-shit, I would totally adopt that as my mantra.

the up in miami done been hooked.

Can you send me a signed photo of you. I started racing in oct. And i ride suzuki.

My eyes; they rolled.
And me; I LOL’d!

P.S.: Here you go, Chandler!
It’s almost 3 years old, but it’s the best I am willing to do. ENJOY!!

Take my money, plz!

So there I am, feeling a need for some fresh gear. But me being me, that means I’m after hoodys, t-shirts and hats from some somewhat obscure companies. My first destination on the web was I’ve been stoked on their stuff for the past couple of years, and their hook-ups are always generous. The only problem…? It seems that they have let their domain name lapse, and nobody has logged into their myspace account in months. C’mon, Dana! What’s the deal??
That being out of the way, I decided to see if Jay Quinlan had updated his web site. He hadn’t. I wanted to cry. It’s December, folks… I need my sled fix!! And that’s where things really started going downhill! I clicked on every single one of the links to Jay’s sponsors with the idea of spending some of my money. Here are the results:
Red Bull – They don’t sell Red Bull branded stuff. The only way you can get Red Bull swag is to be sponsored by them, or be in tight with someone who is, and you steal it from them.
Ski-doo – I’m after less known stuff, not corporate! Didn’t bother looking, but I expect their designs to be pretty weak.
SCS Racing – SCS stands for “Sierra Club Sucks”. I can’t say that I fully agree, but I can see where they’re coming from. I would love to rock some SCS gear, but…? THEIR STORE IS B0RKED!!! Palm, meet forehead!
Blown Concepts – Cool logo, but no gear for sale. I think their site has said “Coming soon” for well over a year now.
Rath Films – Don’t get me started on them again.
Ogio – Another company that I’m down with. I’ve bought a few bags from them, but… They don’t have any clothing. They’re a bag company. I guess it makes sense.
Fox Racing Shox – Ok, they have some stuff that I want, BUT… I have a Rock Shox fork and a Romic shock. That would be kind of like wearing a pair of Nikes with Adidas socks. It’s just not right. But I’ll keep them in mind.
Arctiva – I live in Florida, so most of their stuff is overkill for me. Their limited casual line is ok, but I can’t order online.
Compound Films – I was ready to get my credit card out when I saw that they had a functioning store with clothing! But then I noticed that everything was sold out. Real tears started to well up!
Sly Dog Skis – No clothing.
Universal Motocross -I’m familiar with Universal, and I would wear their shirts and stuff, but… They only sell their stuff through dealers. The money is in my pocket right now. I don’t want to have to track down a dealer and then get to the store only to find out that they don’t have what I’m after. DIRECT ONLINE SALES, PLEASE!!

God, why is it so hard for me to spend my money? Anyways, continuing on…
Grenade Gloves -OH. FUCK. YES! FINALLY, someone ready to take my money!! So, I’ve been down with Danny Kass for about a million years or so. I mean, we’re not tight or anything, but he’s a guy that I feel ok about giving my money to. And, are you kidding me?? $9.25/t shirt?? Jesus, Christ! That’s the type of shit that will make me fall in love with you! Seriously!! $71.50 SPENT! Thank you for taking my money, Danny!

That should have been it, but I ended up heading over to, and I got a shirt and a hat. It’s my understanding that Jay isn’t down with Slednecks anymore, and they’re not exactly obscure, in the snowmachine world, but… I’m still happy to wear their stuff and watch their videos.
Speaking of videos… Any of the Turnagain Hardcore videos would make an excellent Christmas present, just so you know!


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My new shoes are pretty!
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just in case you missed the X Games last night!

This is how I do it.

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Watching MX!

So, this might be pretty nerdy, but I’m fine with that. I am right now watching AMA Motocross from the Red Bud National in Buchanan Michigan, LIVE ON THE INNERNETS zOMGZ!!!
In detail (which is the nerdy part), I have the video playing in Windows Media Player via Windows XP on my iMac, thanks to Parallels. Then on my iMac’s 2nd monitor, I have the same video playing in Quicktime, but delayed a bit so I have an ad-hoc instant replay. I just have to move my head to the right a bit to see what I just saw again. The twist to this is that I’m actually not listening to audio that accompanies the video… I am instead listening to the live audio feed because I have a very non-gay boner for Jason Weigandt, (that was meant as a joke!) and, frankly, I feel that his announcing makes the racing a lot more exciting.
Finally, on my laptop, I am chatting with my buds (just make up a username… leave the password box empty), watching the lap times (I miss being able to color label the riders like I could with the Supercross timing thing), and looking at the track map and just getting annoyed by mototalk people, and extra frustrated that I can’t interact with them because I let my membership lapse and I don’t have $30 ear tagged for a renewal.
If watching MX on the net isn’t your cup of tea, you can watch the 2nd Motocross class moto at 6 PM on Speed!
So, that’s what I’m up to on this rainy first day of July. Come to think of it, this is pretty much how I spent 2 Sundays ago, too. And actually, I guess that if I’m going to paint a picture, I should tell the whole story (WHAT? I have no idea what I just typed!)… My MX Sunday actually started late Saturday night when I was trying to be asleep by midnight so I could wake up by 6 AM so I could watch FIM World Motocross via, but I ended up falling asleep somewhere around 3! I woke up at 5:50, on the couch, so I loaded the video stream from Sweeden on my iMac (in Windows) and tried to watch it from bed. A few laps into the 1st MX2 moto, I fell asleep. I woke up many laps later, and Josh Coppins was quite a ways back. I think this was the 2nd MX1 moto, but I really can’t remember. I kept waking up, watching a lap or 2, and then falling asleep again. I still don’t know who won the MX2 overall, but I plan on downloading and watching the motos again later tonight, or maybe tomorrow.

I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL I CAN WATCH EVERY AMA MOTOCROSS/SUPERCROSS RACE LIVE ON THE INTERNET!! Even if it’s only the 1st motos like now. It gives me enough of a mental image of whats going on that I can run the 2nd motos in my head. Especially with Jason’s excellent announcing.

P.S. In making this post I pretty much missed the first lites moto. Updating the blog was a bad choice.

4 Year Old MX Champion

First off, skip the first 30 seconds of this video. I have no idea what they were thinking by putting that animation in there.
Next, LOLLERZ at this kid’s trophy being bigger than he is!!
Third, if you’re tubby then watch the video, but don’t read any further. Especially if you’ve ever thought about letting me sleep with you. Yes, I know I’m a jackass. That’s why God put me here!

4 Year Old MX Champion

Heaven forbid that I ever knock some girl up and have to become a dad (especially a fat girl! Man, I SO DO NOT WANT to be the father for a fat girl’s kid!! I mean, I’m not trying to hate on fat girls… Obviously if there is a possibility of me being a fat girl’s kid, then I like fat girls enough to fuck them. But to have to wake up next to a fat girl every day and say “Yeah, that’s our kid…” would be… Not good! This was actually the subject of a long conversation at Felt the other night. And it’s not just fat girls… You could actually substitute the word “fat” with “lazy/messy/dumb/???” or even a smoker. And now that I’ve said all of that, I’m sure I’ll end up having to marry a lazy, messy, dumb, fat smoker girl! I better keep my shit in check!! Also, HOLY ULTIMATE ASIDE, or what? The kid’s mom in this video made me go off on fat girls. I know tons of super rad fat girls and I will fuck them, I just don’t want to have to be married to them!), but if that should happen I hope my kid won’t still need training wheels when he/she’s 4 years old!
Someone needs to get this kid in Thor gear, because he hauls!!

Jeff Stanton’s basement!

I’ve been down with motocross/Supercross my whole life. After Rick Johnson, but before Jeremy McGrath, Jeff Stanton was my favorite rider (I was such a Honda nut back then!).
Check out this video from French MX magazine/site Moto Verte of Jeff Stanton’s basement!

Brandon is (almost) famous!!

You may remember Brandon being in Motocross Action a couple of years ago. And you may have seen him in Parts Mag and various local publications, but today he is on Racer X Illustrated’s website. I wonder if they know that this is the same guy that got drnk and went for a swim in one of the Lowe’s fountains!?

So much style!

Longest Dirt Bike Wheely[sic] On U-Tube

Longest Dirt Bike Wheely On U-Tube

Color me impressed!


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I need about 30 grand so I can build one of these!

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Ricky Bobby!

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Jeremy McGrath at the Indy Expo!

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Whoooo! It is Jerry Grath.

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Travis Pastrana – Indy Dealer Expo

IMG00160.jpg, originally uploaded by beightol.

Is this that rally car guy? I think he like jumps motorcycles or he is a monster truck driver or he races dirt cycles. Or is it that guy who jumped into the Grand Canyon and did a looptie loop spin around thing. I think I saw him on the television once!

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