Photo 1

Photo 1, originally uploaded by brandonbeightol.

Travis was at my house and I shot some pictures of him pulling a
backflip on this rutted up double!

Photo 2

Photo 2, originally uploaded by brandonbeightol.


Photo 3

Photo 3, originally uploaded by brandonbeightol.

Photo 4

Photo 4, originally uploaded by brandonbeightol.

He sticks it!


This is one of my favorite animations. If you think you might be offended by the content, don’t watch it. It is from, after all, so consider yourself warned.


Forgot to wear this on St Pat’s Day. (Thanx, Fanless!!)

P.S. I also tried playing around with some techniques in ImageReady. Not sure how I feel about it yet.

This is why I’m hot!! (or why I WAS hot on Saturday)

Check this out! Carl made a 6 minute video of my fat ass riding at Amelia on Saturday!

South bound.

South bound., originally uploaded by FANLESS.

Driving home!

Boobs on the shoulder

Boobs on the shoulder, originally uploaded by Balou_SFN.

Fanless w/bartender @ Full Moon Saloon, Daytona Beach, Main Street (2/8/08)

Jesse James bike!

Jesse James bike!, originally uploaded by Balou_SFN.

Multimedia message

Multimedia message, originally uploaded by Balou_SFN.

Your Bike!

Your Bike!, originally uploaded by brandonbeightol.

I found your bike for you! I guess I left it next to the road on
garbage pick-up day (oops).

Double Fisting!

Double Fisting!, originally uploaded by Balou_SFN.

Fanless takes his beer consumption seriously, as evident by this photo.

LL Cool J

LL Cool J, originally uploaded by Balou_SFN.