Billboard outside Coconut Grove (Miami), 022808



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@ Churchills, 022408

Ice Ice Baby!!

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So I’m at the Florida Renaissance Festival with some friends yesterday, right? And lo and behold, who is standing no more than 20 feet away from us waiting for his wife to buy his kid a toy sword?? VANILLA ICE! So of course, being how I am, I told my friend “I want a pic!” (she was like “I’ll take it, but I’m not asking him.”) And he was sooo nice. Very sweet and polite about it.

So from now on I’ll be stopping, collaborating and listening. I’m just sayin’.

P.S. Oh, and yes… the Ren Fest is EXACTLY how you picture it. More pics to follow as soon as I find my camera battery charger!

P.P.S. I suck!! I completely forgot to “photo credit” Tere! Please go to her blog RIGHT NOW and tell her how cute and fabulous she is! (Thank you, T. xoxoxoxo…)


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The 2 stroke says braaaaap!


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Wish you were here buddy!

Watch Me Completely Emasculate This Blog In One Post

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One of the conditions of me posting on is that I can post ANYTHING I want. (“Anything?” I asked. “Whatever you want,” Fanless answered. “Even if I want to post something about scrapbooking?” [Yes, I scrapbook] I asked. “Yes. Whatever you want,” he said. Okay then; don’t complain later, I thought.)

So here’s where I totally “girly-fy” Behold the latest scrappy page I made (to my credit, at least it’s kind of “punky”; right?  No? Oh well.)

Tom DeLonge

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Meg & Dia

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The Color Fred

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This weekend…

I saw this.
Ate here.
Went to this.
Then ate again.
Definitely watched this.
With Yvette, Fanless, MKH, Alexdc, Ipanemic and Rick (welcome back to the blogosphere, Rick!!)

Yep – it was a pretty great weekend all around.

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“Orale, vato”

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Fanless doing his imitation of a “Homie


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Watching Juno at work after midnight!