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3 minutes of wow!

3 minutes of wow!

This makes me scratch my head. I mean… I get it! Your tits are bigger than my head, but what’s with all of the poking and smooshing?



This is amazing!!

another train wreck

I am watching local news coverage of the annual hydroplane races from Tri-Cities Washington, and, man, I had forgotten how bad it is there. Obviously they don’t have a very deep talent pool to pick from, but… gosh! Watching this news is a lot like listening to some talkshoe.com podcasts. They’re so unprofessional/badly produced that you almost feel embarrassed for the people involved.
Anyways, I sure am glad that I get to watch what I’m watching. I just wish it was put together a little better. You can watch along too, but I’m not exactly sure how much they’re going to be showing online. I think they will be showing a lot of racing/practicing/qualifying on Saturday, and of course a full day of racing on Sunday.
Also, I don’t watch the local Miami news too often, so it could be just as bad, but not that I’ve seen.

Boy, 7, on no-fly list has been delayed at airport three times

“He thought he did something wrong,” his mother, Krista Martin, 36, of Coral Springs, said. “I just think it’s kind of ridiculous to put a 7-year-old boy on a no-fly list.” The no-fly list is compiled by the Transportation Security Administration and includes only people who are a “known threat to aviation,” said agency spokesman Christopher White.

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Stretch Limosine + San Francisco Hills = Disaster

Ft. Lauderdale Limo has a blog??

Why people rent super-stretch limos in a city that’s mostly hills I will never know

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everything sucks

This morning I was looking through the iTunes store to see if I could get the video for MxPx’s Secret Weapon. Instead I found lolz because the word “sucks” is censored!

Give me a break!
This is almost as dumb as when that girl called up and threatened legal actions against me because her name was next to the word “Suckability” in my liveurinal. Suckability was my username and had nothing to do with what I said about this girl!

World’s Sexiest Beaches 2007

What’s that you say? You want to cover yourself in fine sand and then dive into azure water? You want to flirt with millionaires, lick the salt off a margarita glass, siesta in a hammock, and gaze at blood-orange sunsets night after night? We know only one place to accomplish it all. (Oh, come on, you know where we’re going with this.) So

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kiss me and shake

I am currently dealing with a gnarly crush on a married woman! It’s Mad Marge from Mad Marge and the Stonecutters.

I expect to be over Marge by the end of tomorrow, but what I don’t expect to be over is this song stuck in my head!!

Sixpence None the Richer – Kiss Me? Give me a break!

F-you, NFG, for covering this song and getting it stuck in my head, and F-you Dawson’s Creek for… for private reasons!

P.S.: Color me somewhat(LOL WHAT) impressed! <====I think maybe I WOULD! Actually, I might have Karma Police stuck in my head now, thanks to this video. I could tell stories about this song and dropping acid, but I won’t because my friend’s wife might get upset and I don’t have a reason to bring up old shit.

Oh, wait! One more Kiss Me video! This one is overflowing with lulz!!!

Ok, one more… The concept of this video is not total crap. Professionally done and I think it would be pretty good.

Listening to/watching all of these Kiss Me videos has kept me up past 3 AM zOMG and I have to work in the morning OH NOSE!!


…so someone emails me 2 word documents that they want printed as posters, and I email them back saying we don’t print from Word and to please send a PDF or jpeg or whatever.
So then the brainiac calls me and the conversation went something like this…
Me: Well, we don’t print Word documents… I need a PDF or some sort of graphic file.
Them: Ok, if I bring you the file on a USB drive can you print it?
Me: Uh… Will it still be a Word document?
Them: Yes!
Me: No, we don’t print Word documents… I need a PDF or some sort of graphic file.
Them: Oh, you don’t print Word documents?
Me: …? No, we don’t.
Them: ok.

synthesis.net New Found Glory Warped Tour 07 Interview

Is it just me or does this interview look incredibly awkward for poor Steve Klein?

Florida man owes $10,000 in back child support for child who’s NOT his

Francisco Rodriguez owes more than $10,000 in back child support payments in a paternity case involving a 15-year-old girl who, according to DNA results and the girl’s mother, is not his daughter. Huh??

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Fla. State Representative Accused Of Soliciting Sex In Men’s Room

Florida state Rep. Robert “Bob” Allen, R-Merritt Island, was arrested Wednesday and charged with soliciting an undercover male officer for sex at a park in Central Florida, according to police.

Investigators said Allen was acting suspicious and went in and out of the men’s restroom at Veteran’s Memorial Park, located on East Broad Street.

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Miami Heat’s Antoine Walker held at gunpoint in home robbery

His agent: “There was a robbery. It’s a scary thing. It’s a terrible thing. He’s trying to get himself back together. Police are there and he’s getting it taken care of.”

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