Stephen Murray gets jacked at the AST Dew Tour

Stephen Murray gets jacked at the AST Dew Tour


lulz of the day

Me: Jules (or Jewles, as I like to call him), did you know that Hitler started the Holocaust because a Jewish prostitute gave him syphilis?
Jules: I don’t think that’s true. Where did you hear that?
Me: Digg!
Jules: (eyeroll) That’s just a conspiracy theory.
Me: Yeah, right! You just have trouble believing it because you don’t want to believe that a jewish prostitute would give anyone syphilis.

Me: Everyone knows that a JEWISH prostitute would charge extra for that!

Keeping me from working

Keeping me from working, originally uploaded by FANLESS.

Like perfume for a turd.

this made me lol

Best email of the day!
P.S.: Yes, I know I’m fat. No, I don’t plan on going on a diet! You’re right, trucker hats are SO 2002 zOMG!! And thank you for noticing that my sweet, sweet beard is totally going gray. What do you want from me? I’M (almost) OLD!

zOMG SARS take 2???

BA flight #207 from London Heathrow which arrived at 1.45 pm has been quarantined at Miami International Airport; CDC on scene.


This should be pretty hot, but this girl is so skinny I kind of get creeped out. I’m like, Errrr… WTF, are you 12?? The youtube profile says 21, but I’m not buying it. Especially since their other video is clearly not the same person. And obviously these videos exist to get you to use them as a referrer for AFF. I hope I don’t go to jail. Please don’t be 12!!

I LOL’d!


This is the most amazing thing I have seen all week!

Shake That Ass – video powered by Metacafe


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Parris Raceway! I am goon riding without trying. McGrath was here for a while!

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Padres won! 1 to 0.

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Don’t go on the field! Or you get in trouble.

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0 to 0

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Hard at work in California!

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Vote for Liza

Here’s an email I just received from one of my clients. Vote for her to be Maxim’s next Hometown Hottie!

Hey everyone please show your support and vote for me!!! You can vote only once daily but for the next 30 days!!!!

thanks everyone and wish me luck!

resend this email to all your friends…thanks