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Waiting for construction on my desk to finish.

Joost Invites!

I have 5 new Joost invites. If you have asked for one before and still need one, please ask again.


If this works properly (and chances are it won’t) then you should be able to see me doing zOMG SO EXCITING things like drinking beer, reading the innernets or watching a movie.
I hope it makes you happy
Also, I want to be your ustream friend!

Oh, P.S.: Keep in mind that there will probably be a fat lazy mexican on your screen if you click on the play button! He might not look too evolved or friendly, but he can be kind of nice at times.
Consider yourself warned.

Alec Baldwin Calls Dora the Explorer p0wned!!

Here is an interesting email I just received.

Hello, is using the bugged version of the FREE youtube clone script.

For a Bug free version, come visit <\"\">



bb got what?

I LOLled!

Bored girls… SO SAD!!

Need more info

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PS3 @ the shop.

number ten

o rly??
The Grove? Interesting.

Pull up on that ass with a brand new drop

Next to Apple, I think Amp’d Mobile has some of the best commercials. About a year or so ago this was my favorite commercial. (mostly because I’m in love with the shake your junk girl! If you want me to be in love with you all you have to do is dance like that!)
Well, earlier this year (I think) this commercial came out and I liked it a lot too. I think I would be able to relate with it a little more if I had a kid. Interestingly, Amp’d also has my most hated commercial in this piece. Man, I hate that guy so much! I get grossed out and have to change the channel whenever he comes on.
However… This beauty makes up for it!

I crack up every time I see this one, and then I get the E-40 song stuck in my head. I think it’s extra special to me because they showed it on the huge screen at the Orlando Supercross.

what what

I think this might be gay, but I can’t be sure.
Also, probably way old meme, but it’s new to me.


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Locks of love!

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Tyler hooked up with this chick @ Busch Gardens.

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Pretty little mullet fairy talking in my ear. Captured by Tyler.

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Speed mullet and shorty shorts, when did Fanless get a bike?

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