Waiting for The NETIO Show…

Waiting for The NETIO Show

I guess this means she loves the car?

I suppose this constitutes as pr0n so don’t watch it if don’t want to see some girl’s privates.
Otherwise, WOW!

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IMG00235.jpg, originally uploaded by beightol.

Someone is sleepy! What a lazy-ass bike, and I still wanted to ride.

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Not safe for work?

Not safe for work?, originally uploaded by FANLESS.

Not safe for work?

Vote for Mia (level up!)

Thanks to your participation, Mia made it to Round 2 of WILD 95.5’s Baby Idol!
Same deal as before… Please click on Mia’s picture, give Mia a 10 and everyone else 1, and I’ll be your best friend and all of your wildest dreams will come true.

Plus just think about it… When she becomes rich and famous you can be like “Dude, I voted for her way back when she won Baby Idol!”

Thank you for your fealty.


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If I was a trucker, I would get one like this!

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It is the good.

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n00dz, originally uploaded by FANLESS.

How many Jews does it take to color correct a n00d?

Holy crap, it’s here!

Holy crap, it’s here!, originally uploaded by FANLESS.

Hey, what is this?


Today’s dilemma is centered around what I should throw some money at.
~$200 for a Photoshop CS3 Upgrade? (so very moist with anticipation for this!)
~$310 for 3GB RAM for my hopefully-soon-to-be-arriving-iMac? (moist +1!)
~$450+ for new forks, bars, cranks, pedals, stem, pivotal seat/seat post, grips, detangler, chainring, brake lever, chain, and cables for my Pork? (I’ve been waiting to get this stuff for so long I’m almost over it already)
or… ~$400+ to fly to the Seattle Supercross?
If I don’t make a decision soon I’ll end up blowing double that much at Club Madonna!

Does this make me gay?

Does this make me gay?, originally uploaded by FANLESS.

Does this make me gay?

Jules multitasking.

Jules multitasking., originally uploaded by FANLESS.

Jules multitasking.

Hacking the matrix!

Hacking the matrix!, originally uploaded by FANLESS.

Hacking the matrix!

At the shop.

At the shop., originally uploaded by FANLESS.

New speakers outside.