Hello innernets,
I have Joost invites.
My parents taught me how to share way back when. I am willing to share my invites with you if you need one.

Sorry, they’re gone.
Hey, if you think not having an invite sucks, try being me! I have Vista RC2 on my PC and Joost won’t run on it. I also have 3 Macs, but they’re not Intel Macs, so Joost won’t run there either. I’ve never even been able to launch Joost!

FW: Micro as she gets

FW: Micro as she gets, originally uploaded by FANLESS.

This is it for now!


Rolling!, originally uploaded by FANLESS.

Shoot on the beach.

Multimedia message

Multimedia message, originally uploaded by FANLESS.

Early delivery!


Recently, Brandon and I have put our bikes on a diet. Here is a list of parts I plan on purchasing this week. $900+ is a bit of a tough pill to swallow, but you have to pay to play, I guess. PLZ advise if there are some things on the list that you think are shady, and please suggest alternates. I’ve actually already ordered a different wheelset and the brake. They should be delivered later today. Also, I don’t necessarily want to order from Uncle Dan, so I’m open to suggestions there too. Especially if a 15%+ hook-up is included! Pay attention to how my Pork (somewhat updated pic) looks now because before too long I think the frame will be the only part on it left the same. I hope to get it down to around 25 lbs. I think it’s close to 35 now! I guess buying all of those parts means I won’t be going to the Seattle Supercross this year. I’ll still try to go if a butt-load of money falls into my lap.

In other spending money news, I purchased another 500 GB drive this weekend. Now I can take the 250 GB drive out of one of my firewire enclosures and put it in my PC. The new 500 GB drive will go into the then vacant enclosure. I’d still like to be able to find 2 or 3 120 GB drives for a reasonable price to use up my older Firewire enclosures. It kind of sucks that I can get drives with 2-3x as much storage space for the same amount of money, but they won’t work in these enclosures. I’d like to use 1 120 GB drive as a backup for my iTunes music, and another for my iPhoto backup. I don’t know what exactly I would use the 3rd one for, but I know I could fill it up really quick.

I will be super unhappy if Apple doesn’t call me back at some point today. We are nearing 2 months since my iMac died. I really miss it!


IMG00193.jpg, originally uploaded by beightol.

In Georgia you choose where you eat and buy gas by the size of their cow. This one looked pretty good to me!

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IMG00192.jpg, originally uploaded by beightol.

Number 7 is good. He likes FANLESS!

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FW:, originally uploaded by FANLESS.


FW:, originally uploaded by FANLESS.

FW: Start

FW: Start, originally uploaded by FANLESS.

FW: Showtime

FW: Showtime, originally uploaded by FANLESS.


IMG00184.jpg, originally uploaded by beightol.

Wish you were here buddy! We in the rider seating!

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Setup is done now I have to stand around and talk… Work is hard!

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IMG00182.jpg, originally uploaded by beightol.

I need to get this for Kim!

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