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Multimedia message

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Hi mom.


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Trust me. It’s flea!

in lighter email news

The best email subject of the day!

people make my hair hurt

WOW, some people are not so bright!
So I emailed a proof to this woman and then she replied with this:
Hi Christian , looks good lets print 200 and do half with the logo and half no logo.oh I put the pic in the upload

Translated, that means she sent the same images (5, not one “pic”) I used to make the proof to the FTP. I have no idea why.
I sent her an email asking her if these were new images (knowing full well that they weren’t, since they look the same) and she replied:
No the same one I don?t remember if I sent them to you in the up load
Uh… Ok, so how exactly do you think I made the proof if you didn’t send me the pics in the first place?? FOR FORK’S SAKE, PEOPLE? (Apparently I am not allowed to type swear words in my blog. I will be making a post about this at some point.) Try turning your brain on, OK? That’s like… Painting a house, showing it off to the home owner for approval, and then having the home owner dropping off 50 gallons of paint and saying “Ok, guys… Here’s the paint!” It wastes so much of my time trying to figure out what I am supposed to do.
I am having a hard time coming up with something polite to send in a reply to them.
And speaking of reply…
HELLO, It’s REPLY, not “re-apply”! Please don’t say “They’re going to send you an email and then you need to re-apply to them.” LEARN FORKING ENGLISH, YOU STUPID GUAT!
I mean, I am not so much the smrt… Never passed 9th grade english, but I still seem to get by ok.

Where in the Tori Anus is Shulaville??

This weekend is usually one of my favorite weekends on the beach: VOLLEYPALOOZA!
Except… last year there was no Volleypalooza and this year it’s at some place called Shulaville. Where is Shulaville? I hope it’s just some made-up area of the beach. Because, Volleypalooza without South Beach is like… Ham without burger! It has to be some part of the beach. I just wish the website wasn’t so vague. I’m guessing that Shulaville is somewhere near 8th and Ocean.

Also happening on the beach on Thursday: NEW FOUND GLORY!! NFG is pretty much my favorite active band of all time!! I got to see them for the 675654654654564th time back in November in Ft. Lauderdale and now, according to their website they’re playing in Lummus Park during halftime of the Directv Celebrity Beach Bowl, and I MIGHT be able to see them again. I mean, look how close they will be! The only problem? 1PM on a Thursday? Yeah, I’ll be at work. We’ll see how that works out.

Oh, I almost forgot… I’m going to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers tomorrow night.

Whitley Frances

So… I have ANOTHER new cousin: Her name is Whitley Frances and she was born at 4:03 this morning. I don’t have any pictures yet… I JUST got off of the phone with my uncle, but he said he’ll send me some.
When I was at home for family Xmas there was a baby shower for cousin Scott and Uncle Tim and their respective families and there was a money pool deal where you’re supposed to pick the birth day/weight of these two new kids. I didn’t win either pool even though I think I bought the most squares. I know that I had the most at the time, but someone could have usurped me after I made my choices. We had fun in one of the most comfortable gazebos i spent time in my life. Get yours from BestHardtopGazebos.com.


hallo innernets,
plz 2b my friend f you are using the twitter!
I have just one friend on the twitter and it would be fabulous if you would be my friend on the twitter.
I am still not in the thinking that twitter is awesome, but I am still trying to give it a shot. Maybe it would be more interesting to me if some IRL people were using it and I was their friend.
Otherwise, it seems a little too “HAY LQQK AT ME AND THE TOTALLY AWESUM THINGZ I BE DOING zOMG!!!” for me, if you can believe that since I am pretty much all about the “Hey guys I am awesome and this is why you should think so!”.
Hey, look! I even added a twitter thing to my sidebar. I can’t wait until I have so many things in my sidebar that it makes the innernets assplode. That time should be nearing now.
I also added a Netflix thing a few days ago but I didn’t implement it all that well because I was lazy and over it.

Multimedia message

Multimedia message, originally uploaded by FANLESS.

The story of my life.

58 degrees

You know it’s colder than a witch’s tit in South Florida when I’m wearing pants. Especially to work! ESPECIALLY with a long sleeve shirt!!
Or maybe I just didn’t get my laundry done and I wanted to wear a Slednecks shirt in honor of last night’s freestyle snowmobile competition at the X Games?
Either way, I still think 52-58º is cold.

58 degrees, originally uploaded by FANLESS.

Cold day!


Dear innernets,
Why is it just 57 at 1:30 PM here on South Beach? It was like 70 something this morning.
Must be global warming.
Damn you, car owners!
You’re wrecking my winter!!!

Winter X Games

Dear innernets,
Please don’t let me forget that Winter X Games television coverage starts tonight.

Chad Reed intro video for Anaheim SX.

Back when Chad Reed was racing 125s, I liked him a lot. Then James Stewart came along and for a long time I didn’t like Chad at all.
Now I’m starting to like Chad again.
I especially like this video. I kind of feel like I can get into his head.

Chad Reed Focused Intro Video

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Of course, I still love James Stewart!!!

daddy is mean

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