Dear innernets,
Is this offensive??

Hey, at least today isn’t 9-11!
Also, why do I get so annoyed when people say 9-1-1 instead of 9-11?? I love Paul Harvey and all, but I about lose it when I hear him say “9-1-1”! It’s not 9-1-1! 911 is what you dial in an emergency! The date “9-1-1” was like 2005 years ago! If you’re referring to 9-11 it’s NOT 9-1-1!!

I will be posting on Miami Vegan tomorrow as part of the Miami Cross Blogination and at this point I have no idea what I will post there. PLZ ADVISE!!! This whole Cross Blogination thing feels like homework! And I never complete my homework on time. That’s probably why I never graduated from high school.

Also, in 30 minutes I will be walking over to Uncle Sam’s to pick up the new New Found Glory CD! I am so moist with anticipation!

Oh, P.S.: Manola will be providing the lulz here tomorrow (Tuesday)!