Lincoln Road Apple Store and some digression about my friends.

According to this post, the Lincoln Road Apple Store is opening on Saturday. I won’t be one of the first 1000 customers that gets a free t-shirt… I’ll be riding at Markham. I’m an idiot for making plans for Saturday on Monday! And the whole thing got started because I accidentally called Carl instead of Chad, and when Carl answered I was like… “Oh, uh… Hey, do you wanna go riding on Saturday??” instead of admitting my mistake. And then I called Raul and Brandon and told them that IT’S ON!! so I can’t back out now. Especially not to visit an Apple store opening.
Speaking of Chad… I think he must be mad at me, but I have no idea why. I’ve left him like 6 messages to call me since Mother’s day, and he finally answered yesterday, but straight away he was like “Can I call you back?” and I was like sure. I’m still waiting for him to call me back! All I wanted to do was tell him that I got the beta of Gran Turismo 4 Online for PS2, and he can have it because my memory card is in West Palm so I can’t even really play it.
I called Kim last night to see if Chad is mad at me or what, and when she answered straight away she was like “Can I call you back?” and I was like sure. I’m still waiting for her to call me back!
I need new friends!
But anyways… Back to the Apple Store…

Have you seen the front of the new store?? I was wondering why they had all that scaffolding and stuff up there. I guess it looks ok. I’m kind of undecided.