4 daze

Wow, I just found out that this weekend is a 4 day weekend for me. Now I am extra X-TRA glad I’ll have my computer back. I find it so odd that even though I live in the heart of South Beach, I am always bored. How retarded is THAT?
So, other than admire my iMac, what else am I going to do for the next 4 days?


The Apple store just called and said my iMac is repaired and ready to be picked up. H00RAY!!! I was getting worried because I have my 4 GB of CF cards nearly full and I wasn’t going to be able to take any pics this weekend/4th of July (assuming my computer wouldn’t be ready until the estimated date of the 5th).
Not only is it ready, but Simon is going to give me a ride to go pick it up this evening.
Aaaaand… My CD/DVD cases just showed up too, so I already know what I’ll be doing this weekend. This morning I was thinking that I wouldn’t be able to catalog my DVDs until next weekend, and I was kind of bummed, but now it’s on for this weekend!

There is something going on over at the jail. There are 4 or 5 news vans there.

Argentina just scored. I have been saying all week that I hope Argentina plays Brazil in the World Cup final because, c’mon… If either team wins, then the beach will go nuts and out of all of the teams playing, these 2 probably have the best looking female fans and they’re probably the most willing to show some titties, AMEYERITE?

Photoshop miracle worker

I like to think of myself as pretty good with Photoshop, but I’m not THAT good!

You have new Picture Mail!

Another day, another picture from someone I don’t (think I) know.
This is all kinds of awesome, and I hope it eventually leads to n00ds! I mean, as long as she’s old enough and I don’t go to jail.

I saw Jesse Jackson pick a boogie!

I always feel awkward when I’m in the IRL like at Publix or riding along somewhere or whatever and someone comes up to me and they’re like “FANLESS?” or “Hey, Christian?” or something and I’m like “Whowhat??” or just “Yeah??” and then they’re like “Hi, how are you doing?” and I’m like “…fine…?” when really I want to say “Uh… WhoDAfuxUis?” or something and then they’re like “I go to your site like zOMG every day!!111one!eleventyONE!!” and I’m like, oh sweet Jesus! as I try to hide my faggy shopping basket and hope they didn’t notice that I’m buying 4 different kinds of frozen chicken wings and not much else.
So when innernet/myspace celebrity Jesse Jackson (I would post a link but I’m at that place I get paid to be and I don’t want to be on the innernets looking up sites) came in yesterday (and again today) I avoided the whole, “Hey, you’re one of my myspace friends zOMG!!” debacle.
And now he’ll probably never know who I am. OH NOSE!!

hey, thanks!

This is the most bizarre email I have received in a long while. I have no idea who this person is, but thanks for the pic!
Order prints!!

cut it up

Back in the day when I would kick it with Turbo, Ozone and Kelly, I thought this guy was so cool!

I still think that he’s cool. Or rather, I still think he was cool back then. Now, I’m not so sure.

I got a call from the Apple store yesterday. They said my hard drive failed and needed to be replaced. I found that hard to believe, considering it seemed to be working just fine before my comp died, but I wasn’t about to argue with the guy because there were some things about that drive that I didn’t want to come to light. Like the fact that I replaced that drive with a 400 GB drive back in January, completely voiding my already expired warranty. Of course, when my iMac died, I put its stock 160 GB drive back in, but since the comp was dead, I never got a chance to make sure it was fully functioning. Anyway, when the Apple tech called I asked them how much it was going to cost to have it replaced. At first he was under the impression that my repairs were being covered by the warranty, but when I advised him otherwise, he put me on hold for a few moments, and then came back on and told me they would cover it. Cool, it looks like I’m getting a new 160 GB drive too! I’m pretty sure that the old drive worked just fine because I was using it as an external drive for the past 6 months without issue. I plan on keeping the new drive in my iMac and using the 400 GB drive as an external. The last thing I need is for my power supply/iMac to die again. That computer will be 2 years old in a couple months, and if anything happens then, I’ll be SOL.

Lastly, here is something you might want to keep an eye on. It’s being done by some locals, and their blog is here.

it was like there was an assplosion of hawtness and this was the aftermath

Sometimes it kind of sucks to have your commute to work be only 11 steps across an alley. Here are two things I miss the most about having any sort of commute at all: (wow, great word choice! I have no idea what I just said.)
1) Having a reason to ride my bike every day (not that I really need a reason)
2) most of all, happening upon things like this. (this was 1 year ago today) Granted, if Miami Vice were being filmed at Mansion today I probably would have seen it in my 11 steps to work, but that’s not really my point. Outside of that, nothing really ever happens in the alley. I’m not really bitching about not having a commute… I just kind of miss it at times.


Multimedia message, originally uploaded by FANLESS.

So I took my 20″ iMac G5 into the Apple store…
I can pick it up in 10-12 days.

lol what


Guess who is in charge here at work this morning!?!
I get the glorious task of covering the front desk and answering the phones. H00RAY!! (insert gigantic eye roll/me slitting my wrists/the business failing with me in charge here)


This is a video of me catching a fish, exactly 6 years ago!!
I haven’t been fishing since.

P.S.: Maybe not safe for work because Chad drops a couple F-bombs, but you’re not really missing out because it’s probably only interesting/funny/worth watching if you’re Chad, Carl, me or Raul.

you have no choice make your time

Somebody set up CriticalMiami.com teh bmob!

Never mind. That site wasn’t loading earlier, but I guess it’s working fine now.


It’s time to play my favorite game, ARMPIT OR VAGINA!?!
I can’t believe today is the summer solstice! It seems like just last month I was saying “I can’t believe it’s 2K6 already!”
Miami experiences sunrise at 6:30 a.m. on the 21st and sunset at 8:14 p.m. It’s maximums are 6:28 a.m. from June 6-12 and 8:16 p.m. from June 30-July 5.