movie in the park

I heard that King Kong will be shown in Flamingo park tomorrow night for FREE!

Oh, never mind. I guess the free movie bit is true, but I haven’t confirmed that it is King Kong.
Now Showing “Movie in the Park” Saturday, April 1 at Flamingo Park, 13th St. & Meridian Avenue, 7 p.m. A 15×20 Big Screen Video production for the entire family! For more information call 305-673-7730.

Now if only I had some lovely ladies to go with!

I don’t get it.

So… Who thinks my shit is blowing up in 2K6?
It’s funny because I have been typing about 433% less on the innernets this year, but in just 3 months I’ve already dished out more stuff than all of last year.
I don’t know why. My photos are blurry, my sentence structure is around a 4th grade level and the subject matter is ME.
And people are downloading over a gig of this stuff every day?
Color me flattered (and confused!).

lol gays

This is probably really boring if you don’t know who these guys are.

My so-called life

Things to do when I get home from work tonight:
Make Fall Out Boy ringtones
Make Chamillionaire ringtones
Look for Killer Mike on
Look into getting my RAZR replaced
Remember to listen to DMXS Radio tonight (I think it’s tonight)
Confirm that I finished watching Prison Break (I can’t remember how it ended and I just watched it last night!)
Maybe update some plugins for wordpress.

I am open to suggestions!

Wit a chick in the club posted up in the back of

I went to a fashion show at Club Y in Palm Beach like a month ago and I took these pics of Kristin and Marina.
I have around 4 million more, but I’ve been too lazy to put them on the innernets.

boring… alright!

I am the king of procrastination, and it kind of sucks.
When I’m at work and have 78667767 things to do, I can find another 767678 things in my widget that I want to read, but can’t because I’m supposed to be doing work at work. I usually drag the URL to the articles that I think I want to read to my thumbdrive so I can read them when I get home, but usually when I’m at home and have nothing to do I wonder why I ever thought those articles were at all interesting.
The same thing kind of applies at home now too. When I had tons of laundry or general house cleaning to do, I could find 876767 other more interesting things to do instead. But now that my apartment is (relatively) clean, and I pretty much don’t have anything important to do, I can’t find anything interesting at all to do.
Hello, brain? When I have nothing to do is when I need to find very boring things interesting, ok? NOT when I have more pressing matters to attend to.


It’s like, one minute there are 2 naked girls in my apartment and I’m winning my race in MX vs ATV, and the next minute my race is over, I finished in last place, and my iPod and 4 memory cards are floating in spilled beer on my desk.
I guess that’s how we roll here on South Beach!

Current Weather: War of the Worlds!!!

Current Weather: War of the Worlds!!! ZOMG!!1

It better not be raining after work, because I have a hellacious bike ride ahead of me.

trying to catch me ridin’ dirty!

Dear Winter Music Conference,
I am not ready for you to be here. Please go away and come back in a couple of weeks.
Thanks for understanding!

I have been in West Palm (and beyond – Daytona and Orlando) the past 4 weekends in a row. I just want a weekend where I don’t have anything going on so I can lay on the couch, watch tv, and not worry about being anywhere at any certain time. That’s not going to be this weekend, and something will probably come up and it won’t happen next weekend either. I get stressed when I don’t have copious amounts of free time in my life, and such is the case right now. My neck/shoulder are tighter than my butthole, and I’m pretty sure it’s due to stress. And knowing that I haven’t done any maintenance/backing-up on my computer(s) for nearly 5 weeks is really stressing me out. My 400 GB drive in my iMac only has 9 GB free, and (almost) none of the 360+ GB are backed up!
How much longer until the next 3 day weekend?? (and Memorial Day weekend doesn’t count because that is probably the one weekend out of the year where I get the least amount of sleep)
I’m dying.

with 2 hands and a smile

Kim and Jean with Carey Hart.

Mia was like “zOMG I can’t believe mommy didn’t get me in the picture with Carey Hart!!!11”

We were probably looking at the goatse man or something.


I love it when I come home after being gone for a couple of days, and find small fires in my building’s stairwell!

I love it when I wake up the next morning, go to take a shower, turn on the hot water, and NOTHING comes out of the faucet!

P.S.: This is probably the best picture I took all weekend.

Live from the Orlando Supercross!

03-18-06_1838.jpg, originally uploaded by FANLESS.

Brandon and Mia.

Live from the 2006 Orlando Supercross!

03-18-06_1836.jpg, originally uploaded by FANLESS.

Almost time!

Live from the 2006 Orlando SX!

03-18-06_1737.jpg, originally uploaded by FANLESS.

I’m on the track!